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The best countries for Binance authentication: Selling national documents

Binance and similar exchanges like KuCoin, CoinEx, and Coinbase have restricted certain nations such as Iran, North Korea, and the USA. This means that individuals from these countries are unable to directly engage in currency trading using their official documents. Additionally, logging into a Binance account from an IP address associated with these restricted countries will result in a complete account suspension, including the forfeiture of any financial balance.

Within this article, our aim is to present you with the most suitable countries for Binance authentication, coupled with the necessary documentation.

Documents of the best countries for authentication in Binance

In the rapidly growing digital currency market, numerous individuals have joined in. For instance, the United States is among the countries under Binance’s sanctions, necessitating the use of alternative documents such as national ID cards and passports.

To address this, the most effective approach is to possess documents from foreign countries where residency is possible. Recognizing that this isn’t feasible for all nations, we offer the option to purchase documents from select foreign countries. These include ID cards, passports, certificates, and receipts, facilitating authentication on Binance.

The best countries from which we can buy open-layer documents for Binance!

Binance allows the use of documents from numerous countries for authentication. You have the flexibility to utilize open-layer documents from nearly any non-sanctioned country to establish an account and undergo authentication.

It’s crucial to note that Iran and the United States face complete sanctions on the Binance platform. Therefore, if you attempt to access your Binance account even once using the United States or other restricted-country IP and location, your account will be promptly blocked, along with its associated assets. Exercise caution in this regard.

Among the leading choices for open-layer documents, the Netherlands currently stands out as the prime option. So, consider prioritizing Netherlands-related documents. Following the Netherlands, you have the option to consider documents from countries like France, the United Kingdom, Turkey, the UAE, and Singapore.

Furthermore, German and Finnish documents are also viable selections. Due to their widespread usage across diverse nations and the potential for users to commit violations, these documents require authentication from Binance. In such cases, the solution is straightforward – you can readily utilize specially tailored German and Finnish ID cards and passports.

Countries Unsuitable for Utilizing Open-Layer Documents on Binance

Countries under Baines sanctions include Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Ivory Coast, Republic of the Congo, Utopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Myanmar, North Korea, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, USA, Ontario, Canada, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Russia– While Russia doesn’t currently face specific issues with Binance, its unpredictable policies could potentially result in the sudden enactment of laws that impact Binance transactions. Consequently, Russia is added to the list of countries where it’s advisable to avoid utilizing open-layer documents from Russia for business authentication.

China- China is a nation that has recently implemented more stringent regulations concerning the utilization of digital currencies within its borders. Consequently, Binance has become more cautious when it comes to Turkish users, leading to the withholding of certain services and initial offers for this region. Feel free to access the China passport PSD template by clicking here.

America– Even though Binance Exchange was initially based in China, the United States still advises its citizens against its usage. Due to stringent tax regulations, American citizens are encouraged to explore alternatives like Kevin Bass did by exiting US-based exchange platforms. Consequently, there could be constraints on using Binance within the United States. In such scenarios, it’s recommended to refrain from employing the US PSD ID card template for authentication on Binance.

Essential Documents for Binance Verification and Authentication

Necessary documents for Binance, personal identification card (ID card), passport, driver’s license and receipt are required to confirm the address.

Personal Photo: Capture a high-quality individual photo against a white backdrop. Ensure the facial expression is serious, and the neck area is clearly visible, devoid of any shadows.

Date of Birth: Input the applicant’s date of birth in the Gregorian calendar for the identity document.

First and Last Name: You have the choice to include the applicant’s name and surname on the document.

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