Canada’s Passport Ranks Among the World’s Most Influential

Passport Index, a leading authority on passport rankings, recently released its 2023 Global Passport Power Rank, placing Canada in the fifth-highest tier, alongside nations like Malta, Lithuania, Slovakia, Australia, and the United States. This ranking is determined by a “mobility score,” indicating the ease of international travel for passport holders.

According to the index, Canadian passport holders enjoy visa-free access to 121 countries and can obtain visas on arrival in 52 others. However, visas are required for entry into 25 countries, including destinations like China, Algeria, Iran, Niger, Syria, Venezuela, and the Russian Federation.

Notably, Canada’s 2023 ranking matches that of the United States, which shares the same number of countries with visa-free access, visa-on-arrival options, and visa requirements.

Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, and Liechtenstein are in the sixth tier, with Estonia and Latvia having the most extensive visa-free access to 124 countries.

The most powerful passport, according to the Passport Index, remains the United Arab Emirates, boasting a perfect mobility score of 180. Holders of U.A.E. passports enjoy visa-free access to 127 countries, visa-on-arrival in 53 countries, and only require a visa for 18 destinations.

Several European nations are in the second tier, including Sweden, Germany, Finland, Spain, France, and Italy, with visa-free access to 132 countries. The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland also share this tier with a mobility score of 176.

The third tier comprises Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Ireland, and South Korea, each scoring 175 in mobility. Denmark leads this group with visa-free access to 131 countries.

In contrast, the bottom of the 2023 global passport ranking features Somalia (46), Iraq (43), Syria (42), and Afghanistan (41), with access to no more than 11 countries without a visa.”

How long do Canadian passports take right now? 

The expected processing time for standard passport applications in Canada varies depending on where you submit them. When submitted in person at a passport office or a Service Canada location offering 10-day processing, the process typically takes around 10 days. However, if you choose to submit your forms at a regular Service Canada Centre, a Service Canada Scheduled Outreach Site providing passport services, or send them by mail, the processing time may extend to approximately 20 days. Please keep in mind that these timeframes do not account for the time it takes for mailing.

How many countries does a Canadian passport get you in?

Canadian passport holders can enjoy visa-free entry to 121 nations and obtain visas upon arrival in 52 countries. However, for 25 countries, including China, Algeria, Iran, Niger, Syria, Venezuela, and the Russian Federation, among 16 additional destinations, Canadians must obtain a visa before their arrival.

Is the Canadian passport more powerful than the USA? 

In the current Passport Index rankings, the Canadian passport and the U.S. passport are on an equal footing, both achieving an identical mobility score of 173. These passports offer the same privileges, including visa-free entry, visa-on-arrival options, and visa requirements for the same number of countries.

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